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Follow Focus #1

by Vincent Comparetto


Follow Focus #1
By Vincent Comparetto
Published and Designed by Vincent Comparetto, 2017, Denver, Colorado.

Follow Focus #1 documents the street photography of prolific Denver muti-disciplinary artist and designer Vincent Comparetto. Issue #1 of this soon to be serial publication focuses on both black and white and color photography taken on several trips to Europe; Barcelona, Berlin, and generally France, Spain, and Germany. Also a talented stencil artist, the cover features an illustration by Comparetto of the camera used to shoot the images.

Follow Focus #1 is a 6.5"x7.5", 56 pages four-color printed on coated matte paper and perfect bound into a 120# red cover letterpress printed in mahogany and silver by is PRESS and comes with a 4x6" postcard of the sleeping woman in the red dress.